Adventure Cove Waterpark

How was it?

The English phrase “all fur coat and no knickers” is an accurate description. It looked good but had little substance. Despite restricted numbers there were long queues for everything, including just to swim in the wave pool – which we didn’t get to do. The requirement to wear a flotation device in the Rainbow Reef meant that we couldn’t do that either as people kept wearing the few that were available and walked around the park in them, effectively denying others opportunities to do things. The queue to swim with the fish was ridiculously long anyway as numbers were limited to 8 people at any one time.

The queues for the Adventure River and BluWater Bay were long. We did eventually get into the Adventure River (should have been called glacial river – it was SO slow) and whilst the aquarium view at the end is rather interesting, the rest is uninspiring. It was billed as having 14 stunning themed areas including a lush garden and a lush grotto. I clearly have a different definition of “stunning”. The most exciting parts were people aiming the water cannons – which was fun. We didn’t bother queuing in the hot sun for Bluwater Bay – keeping 3m apart in a wave pool seemed a ridiculous requirement to try and adhere to anyway. Splashworks wasn’t open whilst we were there. The Cabanas were all closed. The Bay Restaurant and lounge by the wet maze and other eateries were closed. The rain maze was closed as were a lot of the slides (we got on two of them).

Frankly people we’re either in a queue of walking around to join a queue with a limited number of people having fun in the pool, slides or lazy river when they could get in.

How much?

The current deal for SG Residents until 30th June 2021 is a Mastercard® Exclusive: Adventure Cove Waterpark Adult Dated One-Day Ticket + FREE Treat + SGD5 Retail Voucher + Exclusive Gift for $32 pp. our was a similar deal but without the retail voucher or gift. The treat (or snack as ours was dubbed) is an ice cream from the main Bay restaurant, whilst stocks last. The retail voucher is with a minimum $25 spend (which isn’t difficult when you consider a pair of flip flops starts from $30.) The Bay Restaurant was closed and shuttered when we were there.

Small lockers cost $10 and large lockers cost $20 per day and are located outside the changing rooms near the entrance.

No outside food and beverage is allowed and bag checks are warned of. ID cards required too it said. No checks of bags or ID cards took place and families, rather wisely as it turned out, took in their own picnics. Wise because there were just two snack bars/ vans open in the whole park. Consider those queues if you will.

Where is it?

Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269

Don’t ask a taxi to drop you off at the listed address as that takes you to a Covid-19 secure quarantine hotel and the walk back is through the darkened, currently unused, no AC on, basement of said hotel. Eerie and hot is an accurate description.

Opening times

Restricted to 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays at the moment. Staggered operating hours were in effect for a substantial part of the park which meant effectively that things were closed throughout the day. The only things that seemed to be open throughout the day was the Adventure River (limited to max 50 people) and Bluwater Bay (also limited to max 50 people). Both queues were long.

Guest Services and ticket offices were closed when we arrived. Guest services were open later on. The ticket offices for Dolphin, Shark, Reef encounters were all closed.

Masks have to be worn only when not in swimwear – mainly entering and leaving the park. Wear pool shoes or flip flops to walk around the park otherwise your feet will be exfoliated to being raw.

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