Railway Corridor Greenway – central

Where is it?

The central part of the rail corridor greenway can be accessed from Hillview and King Albert park Downtown Line MRT stations.

When is it open?

The Rail Corridor greenway is open 24/7 but there is no lighting except at major intersections (to facilitate movement of nocturnal wildlife).

What is it?

The Rail Corridor is a very popular walk or cycle through a variety of lush natural landscapes with some heritage elements. It is also where the Rail Corridor and Coast-to-Coast Trail meet to complete the Nature Park Network.

It is a very pleasant and accessible walk. We went with a 3 month old in a pram from the King Albert Park MRT end to Hillview. The going can be quite bumpy for someone so young but it is passable. We had to carry the pram down the steps at the Hillview end as there was no ramp (yet). The RailMall is also a great refreshments stop after the walk too.

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