Zoo in lockdown as Elephant escapes

Singapore Zoo went in to full lockdown on Monday afternoon as an elephant escaped it’s enclosure and set off on a jog around the zoo – enjoying its new found freedom.

Just after running in the heat carrying fire extinguishers

I was alerted to the fact when I saw lots of zoo staff running to the enclosure formerly hosting the polar bear. which is being upgraded into a new exhibit. They were running with fire extinguishers. I initially thought that there was a small fire from the ongoing construction work at the zoo. As more staff arrived with fire extinguishers and the trams stopped and lined up by the rhinos I knew something else was happening.

Staff arriving with fire extinguishers
Cordoning off the area for safety

Staff cordoned everyone in a tringular space by the orangutans – who were by this time very intrigued as to the goings on around them and came close to have a look – enabling fabulous photos.

Wandering around that small space for about half an hour in full sun was sweltering but not as sweltering as the staff chasing the elephant, guiding it and ensuring it was safely corralled back to its rightful place. A buggy with the shooter was following – swiftly followed by the vet van. The staff lined the route for the elephant and the fire extinguishers were to deter the elephant from wandering from the path.

Everyone riding the tram was egressed to the holding area for safety

It was an incredible sight and I was glad I was able to finally see an elephant on the loose at the zoo.

If only they had told us it was a drill!

The elephant was captured and led back to its rightful home
Elephant tries to divert from the path
Elephant being guided back home

It must have been hot going around the entire zoo in that suit! Another exciting day at the zoo.

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