Coney Island

I have lived in Singapore for a few years now and have been intending to visit Coney Island for some time – but just never got around to it. Now we live in the north of the island there really was no excuse to get out and visit. As the weather was overcast and a cooler 29C on Saturday morning we headed on over.

My gosh it is beautiful. It is a real piece of woodland countryside and sometimes tranquil (when not avoiding the many bikes and playing children). The beach is on side side and woodland is all over the island. The paths are clearly marked and navigable and the majority are also accessible for all.

There is plenty of room to stroll, run or ride and the latter proved very popular so have your wits about you on the narrower paths as they pass you by.


Coney Island is accessible over two bridges at the northern of Singapore. There are substantial construction works going on in the surrounding area of the west entrance aat the moment.

Nearest bus stop is for the no 84 at Punggol Point Park / Punggol Settlement which is nearest to the west entrance.

How much?

It is free. Part of the Singapore National Parks network.


It is open from 7am to 7pm.


It is an 81 hectare park housing a variety of habitats including coastal woodland, grasslands, mangroves and flowering plants – some of which are presumed extinct in the wild. There are 80 bird species on the island – we heard quite a few of them but capturing them on camera proved elusive. There are signs all over warning about the long tailed macaques but we did not see any whilst we were there.

What to take?

Your water bottle! There are no F&B facilities on the island. There is a toilet block but this is closed for repair works until 31st January 2021 so bear that in mind, especially if you have young children. There are plenty of sand flies about so if they bother you wear long trousers, sleeves and covered shoes. We wore shorts, t shirts and trainers and didn’t get bitten or bothered by insects.

iPhone images

Some photos to entice you to go over. Enjoy!

The West Entrance to the island proved to be very popular
The signs are helpful and clear
The paths are well maintained and easily navigable
Beautiful greenery
The mangrove was a bit dry
Wonderful woodland
The main path is very wide

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