Singapore Zoo Photos – Part 3

What can I say – yet more photos from the fabulous zoo. It’s being upgraded at the moment so there is a lot of construction work going on everywhere. Some of the exhibits look great after the makeover – and some are still a work in progress. The zoo is operating at 25% capacity for visitor numbers (booking in advance is essential for a time slot) so that means that there is a lot less noise and plenty of space to get some decent shots – despite the cloudy and wet weather. Enoy!

New life brings hope
The chick looks like he has a mohican
Like father like son
Like mother like daughter
The painted dogs were particularly active and difficult to capture
The upgraded Zebra enclosure looks great
This Leopard was very obliging
Properly posing for the camera
Looking a bit menacing now though
Not looking impressed at all
Zebra’s dinner
The Lion sleeps tonight
Crocodile eyes
One of the white tigers was happy to pose
Pulling tongues!
Laughing at me now…
Having a nap
Actually having that nap on top of a pole!
He’s a big fella
Strutting his stuff
These little monkeys are sharing the orangutan enclosure at the moment
I love the colours
And such piercing eyes
This is one of my favourite shots of the day
Although the family like this cheeky monkey more!
The Pelicans were posing
The three amigos
The eyes have it!
Trumpet call
Some pleasant places to relax
With plenty of pretty flowers
and emerging seed pods

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