A Covid-19 post

Singapore has around 600 cases a day (not deaths) and we’re in lockdown until 1st June at least. We are only allowed to go to the shops for essential groceries, ALONE, wearing a mask,in the immediate vicinity and return home immediately. We have to take our ID cards for scanning in and out of the mall and shops so the Government know that you haven’t travelled far and have returned home immediately. (There are incremental fines for law breakers). It will also help contact tracing.

Exercise has similar requirements. Car parks are closed because if you have to use a car to exercise you’ve travelled too far. Sitting down is not allowed anywhere as it’s not exercise.

There have been 20 deaths in total in Singapore- mostly very old people with underlying conditions – each one a tragedy. (Yes, Singapore is a small country before people bleat on about that.)

The U.K. has the highest death rate in Europe (31,241 as at today) and second largest in the world with around 600 deaths a day. People are out walking, cycling in groups, partying in family groups. No masks. No apparent time limits. Car parks are full and have queues. People are complaining about restrictions (seriously?!) and want to be able to go anywhere they like. Conspiracy theories abound about control (again, really?!) and the anti vaxers have already started. Vulnerable people don’t seem to matter.

Opinion appears that BoJo 🤡 (UK PM) and the Tories are doing a good job in difficult circumstances.The propaganda being pumped into the U.K. to make people believe that BoJo is doing well must be on overdrive.

Watching from a safe distance abroad and I am baffled, astonished and worried. What has happened to the U.K.? What has happened to make people think that this is some control game by the Government? People are dying in vast numbers, the vulnerable are at a huge risk and yet people want to go out. (Look at the WHO website for facts and figures.) What on earth is going on in the U.K.?!

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.

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