‘Freedom Fotos’

It’s been said often enough already that these are strange times that we are living in. A global pandemic restricting everyone’s lives and movements will be remembered for a generation. The dreaded word ‘Covid-19’ appears all over social media and the actual media. It’s blanket coverage everywhere. Working from home is the new normal with children and pets as the background noise. We have discovered the nations wallpaper and decorating tastes from their spare room / home office / kitchen table as they are interviewed on television. Some need to take this time to modernise whilst other tidy their paperwork – Hillary Benn MP I’m looking at you!

Everyday we are being updated on how many people have contracted the virus, how far around the globe it has spread, how many have died from it and more and more restrictions on daily life to help stop the spread. The globe is being taught how to wash hands properly (and rather alarmingly this appears to be new information for some – don’t think I’ll be shaking anyone’s hands ever again after this!). Social distancing has entered everyday language and it is the new normal to stand 2m away from everyone except your immediate family. Video calls, Zoom is replacing Skype, has become common place and the increase in calls from friends has been wonderful. People are taking the new time they have to reconnect and relax.

Many countries are in total lockdown with people having to remain at home for weeks. Wuhan in China, the U.K., Italy and India have lost their liberty and other nations are likely to follow shortly. In Singapore, the borders are effectively closed and strict social distancing is in place but we are fortunate to still have our liberty here. As a consequence, I have been posting daily ‘Freedom Fotos’ on Facebook so friends can enjoy something else other than doom and gloom. If you’re also in lockdown, I’m posting some of them here for you to enjoy. Stay safe and stay strong.

Freedom Fotos (iPhone)

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