What happened to my #40acts?

Too much life going on

Since my last blogpost, describing my hand slashing exercise, a LOT has been happening and #40acts seems to have taken a backseat. I haven’t had time to catch up at all on the daily tasks because we have moved home. We’re settled in and exploring our fabulous new surroundings. I’ve found my IPad and finally sitting down to relax.

So what have I (we as a family) done?

I’ve been having a think and whilst I have not been able to adhere to the daily #40acts challenge, moving home has enabled us as a family to be generous with items we love but no longer use or need in some cases.

My daughter had a real clear out of here toys and games and cuddly toys (seriously, how many?!) and we donated them to charity. Everyday working items were donated to the community via the recycling area, freegan sites and various FB groups. A few of my arts and craft items that I loved but no longer use we’re gratefully received by some wonderful local artists, one of whom made me a small gift in return (melted my heart).

As I was resting from packing up groceries a request appeared on a freegan group asking for a food donation. I was able to immediately deliver several carrier bags of groceries from my cupboards. The family was incredibly grateful as they had used all their money for the rest of the month to buy a loaf of bread. I cried. Real poverty still exists in rich nations. I am thankful I was able to help in a real and immediate way.

As a family we had a good declutter of items. Things that are in good condition and too good to throw away, but as we use them very little would be put to better use by others. Gosh we gave away quite some stuff. Liberating and emotional at the same time. They were taken from the community recycling area the same day. They clearly will be loved by others. That gives me joy.

Whilst I may not have been following the daily #40acts tasks (and I have no idea what they have been!) I know that we have been able to make a real difference to some people’s lives in a positive way.


I am thankful that we were able to move home, despite the restrictions of Covid-19. Whilst the move was forced upon us we have definitely been blessed with the new place – a fabulous view and a pool to use are both wonderful. My stitches came out and my hand is healing well. The scar will be a small one thankfully.

I am also thankful for being inundated with video calls from friends all over the globe. We are not in lockdown in Singapore but friends around the globe are. This means they now have plenty of time for catch ups. It’s been fabulous chatting with friends for hours – literally. I know this is a phenomenon for this moment in time and we are enjoying every minute of it whilst it lasts.

The #40acts journey will have been a disrupted one for everyone this year but kindness is infectious – keep doing those acts of kindness. The world needs them more than ever right now.

Stay safe and well.

One thought on “What happened to my #40acts?

  1. Great blog deb as as always.
    I am desperate to sort out and declutter but of course we can’t go to charity shops or the recycling centre so in my garage there will be several piles to sort out once we are out of lockdown.
    It’s a strange world we live in how friendly everyone is in times like this.
    Keep well x

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