40acts – PrePaid

Today’s verse

‘The next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper. “Look after him,” he said, “and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.”‘
(Luke 10:35 NIV)

Today’s Options

Leave coins taped to a car-park ticket machine.

Check out websites like suspendedcoffee.com or search on Facebook for ‘suspended coffee’ to find an outlet near you where you can buy drinks for the homeless to collect later.

Contact a Christian holiday centre and ask if they have a bursary scheme whereby you can offer to pay towards a guest’s stay.

What did I do?

Again, another *sigh* from me as I think through these tricky options which will seem innocuous to others.

Driving in Singapore is prohibitively expensive. For example a new Toyota Corolla Altis costs around S$104,998 or £58,471 (source: https://www.budgetdirect.com.sg/blog/car-insurance/how-much-does-it-cost-to-own-a-car-in-singapore-2019). So I don’t drive in Singapore. I could live in a taxi and not spend that much but the MRT is super efficient and cheap anyway.

The second issue after not driving is not being able therefore to pay for a parking meter as most of them, if not all, are electronic in Singapore. I actually haven’t seen anything resembling a U.K. parking meter since I’ve been here. Vehicles have a card on their windscreen which pays for tolls and parking etc and it is just topped up as and when needed.

Much as I would like to pay for a holiday for someone this just isn’t possible with the impending move. The cash flow is super tight as well as unexpected and unanticipated costs arising in the U.K. it’s a tough time financially at the moment. We’ll ride the storm even though the journey is a bumpy one.

So that leaves suspended coffees.

Singapore has a total of 1,000 homeless people and they are well cared for by the Government, charities and the police. It’s a truly integrated system of help. (In stark contrast the the police in the U.K. who still use the Vagrancy Act to arrest rough sleepers and use dispersal powers to move them out of town centres. That makes my blood boil.) Anyway, a search on the suspendedcoffees.com website revealed precisely zero results for the entirety of Singapore.

Another *sigh*.

So I then look up my home town in the U.K. and I know there is at least one – The Cathedral coffee shop – but it turns out there is another too – the Salvation Army coffee shop. So down to practicalities – how do I buy suspended coffees for there? It turns out that I can’t.

The ‘donate’ button on the suspended coffees website leads to PayPal donations in USD meaning it goes to the US. I wanted to make a donation to the U.K. specifically. I gave up on that idea though – it was getting too complicated. I donated USD $10 (£8) to suspended coffees. Someone somewhere will get a free coffee or two. Today’s act finally complete and much trickier than it first appeared.

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