#40acts – You First

Today’s verse

“I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare. For everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ”.
(Philippians 2:20–21 NIV)

Today’s Options

Everywhere you go today, hold the door open for anyone who’s following you.

Allow another shopper to go ahead of you at the checkout or let another driver out of a junction.

Continue into the week, looking for opportunities to practise ‘preferring others’. Determine to make this a constant habit.

What did I do?

Well this opportunity presented itself really rather quickly on the MRT home this evening. It was a packed carriage but I was fortunate to have a seat. As the journey progressed a group of really very old gentlemen got on. There are designated seats for those in need on the MRT and the lady sat next to me was in one. She was a lot younger than me but at the sight of the group of elderly men getting on she pretended to be asleep. It was blatant and quite astonishing actually. I got up and gave up my seat to a very grateful (and frankly frail) gentleman. I wonder whether he would have been able to withstand the journey stood up.

As I was about to get off the MRT at my station, a youth pushed in front of me to get closer to the doors. I’ll be polite and say he was oblivious as he was playing a game on his phone. I let him pass. As we waited for the lift together he was stood behind me. As the lift arrived he again pushed passed me and strode into the lift and stood at the back of the lift, oblivious. I got in and pushed the buttons. When the lift arrived at our floor and the doors began to open he went to push passed me as the doors opened. This time I stood my ground and he backed off.

In the space of a few minutes I had the opportunity to fulfil today’s task but the limits of my human patience was tested with an “oblivious” youth. Perhaps I should have let him out of the lift first- but – he was about to leave the MRT with his face fixed to his phone and completely oblivious to his surroundings. At least for a few seconds I brought him back to the reality of where he was. That’s my justification anyway – but in reality I was mildly irritated about being shoved around.

Even the simplest of tasks can be tough ones.

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