#40acts – Hands In

Today’s verse:

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”
(Proverbs 11:25 NIV)

Today’s Options

Do the washing up – even if it’s not your turn.

Whether it’s emptying the bins or cleaning the toilet, do that one job nobody likes.

Offer to do some gardening for someone who’s been struggling to manage it or help declutter a room.

What did I do?

Dishes done ✅

I came home to a sink full of dishes. The rule in our house is that whoever cooks doesn’t wash up. Well, I cooked last night and it certainly wasn’t my turn to wash up. (For the confused – I’m currently living in Singapore which is GMT +8 hours). The teenager in the house had managed to by pass this duty without us noticing somehow. I rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in before sitting down with a coffee to read today’s 40acts. Perfect timing – green option completed already. Sorted.

The Amber option is something I have done since last years #40acts. I pick up dropped toilet roll and pieces of loo roll off the toilet floor, flush and tidy a public toilet every time I use one. I’ve even been known to get the wet wipes out and wipe down the doors, handles and sinks. I am still astonished at how many people think it’s acceptable to leave toilets in the state they do but at least I am fighting that battle one loo trip at a time.

The red option is going to be a necessity anyway as we have to move house soon – the landlord wants to move back into her house. That means we have to declutter ready for yet another move. The bright side is that the place we’re moving to is much nicer than where we are now, albeit smaller. The decluttering will have a happy outcome soon!

Learn more about 40acts here: https://40acts.org.uk

One thought on “#40acts – Hands In

  1. Thanks. I needed this one today.
    I give and give and people are constantly taking advantage. They don’t pay for their granola, they don’t show up for their music lesson or I volunteer at school and the kids just complain. A good friend of mine back in Toronto had a saying “givers gain”. In this world or the next I guess. We often don’t perceive Gods goodness but it is there keeping us supported and from harm. A grateful heart is so much healthier than an angry one. Have times changed? I think they have but hey, I’ve changed too. Take care and the move sounds kind of exciting. Nicer place But smaller? We’ve been there done that move a few times. Frankly don’t know where or how we will live when we go back to Toronto. The real estate market has gone mad! No doubt the same can be said of the UK. Miss you Deb. No really good friends here yet but certainly people I can reach out to. Best,

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