Peranakan cooking class

What is it?

It is a ‘learn how to cook’ session of local favourites such as Laksa, Fried Hokkien (Mee) Noodles, Nasi Lemak, Curry Fish Head, Chilli Crab and more. As well as desserts such as Ondeh-ondeh, Kueh Dada, etc. We made Laksa, prawn and pork spring rolls and Kueh Dada.

The chef was warm and welcoming and set us all at ease immediately. We started by touring the local market and receiving insights on how locals buy and select their vegetables etc.

The class itself was a demonstration with some hands in work to get all the group involved in making part of each dish. It was quite fun and enjoyable.

You eat what you cook – so skip breakfast as your lunch is huge!

Where is it?

Let’s Go Cook Singapore

Block 462 Crawford Lane 01-57
Singapore 190462

It is the only cooking studio in Singapore backed by a travel agency that is licensed by the authorities (Singapore Tourism Board).


Classes start at 9am and last for about 3 hours.

How much?

We did ‘Flavours of Singapore’ which was making 2 local main dishes and 1 dessert/side dish. Also included was a local market tour and light breakfast. S$129 per person. Includes all ingredients, tuition, tour of the market, local coffee, everything you cook and water.

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