Sentosa Sandsation: Star Wars Edition

What is it?

The world’s best sand sculptors compete to craft fantastic sand art masterpieces at the third edition of the Sentosa International Sand Sculpting Championship. The theme this year is Star Wars.

There are daily (free) sand sculpting workshops located on the event beach. They are happening throughout Sentosa Sandsation: Star Wars Edition with three timeslots at 11am, 2pm and 5pm on a first come first served basis.

Singapore’s JOOheng Tan, the internationally renowned sculptor, will progressively bring Jabba the Hutt to life throughout the event.


Siloso beach, Sentosa

How much?



31st August to 15th September

iPhone pics

One thought on “Sentosa Sandsation: Star Wars Edition

  1. Hi. This is amazing. How clever is this person? A true artist. I showed the blog to my daughter as she is a SW fan. She was amazed and somewhat jealous that she couldn’t see the sand sculptures in person and also see Jabba being carved in front of an audience. 🙂

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