3 Nights in Bangkok


17-20th May 2019


Bangkok, Thailand

We stayed at Pinky’s place there. A lovely house in a secure compound. It was great for hosting friends and food one night.


To celebrate Lou’s birthday and attend the Hen Party. Lou had never been to Bangkok before and we did some lovely things to celebrate her birthday (otherwise known as an excuse to have some fun).

What did we do?


we were met at the airport by a driver in Pinky’s car and taken straight from the plane and to the German beer bar – Tawadang – whilst the driver took our luggage ‘home’. I thought Pinky was joking when she mentioned this. That’s what I call hitting the ground running!

It was a large beer cellar type set up with lots of tables set out in front of the stage and there was entertainment all evening. The bar was filled with families and groups enjoying great dinner together. The entertainment was varied and of a high standard and different sets. It was all very professionally put together. There was no entrance fee as people go to eat and drink there. It is a very popular place.

This is the board where all the table reservations are listed, at the entrance.


in the morning we headed off to the Klongladmayom Floating market. It was such a hive of activity with the senses overloaded with sights, sounds and smells. The food looked and smelled amazing. The colours on display were bright and cheerful and the noise of the cook8ng, families chatting and sellers shouting made is a happy bustling place.

We hired a boat to ourselves and escaped the noise to the tranquil river and a leisurely ride back to the market entrance, stopping for a beer on the way from one of the bank side sellers.

we headed back for a quick shower (it was a very hot day at 40C) and change, putting on posh frocks, for Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The setting was colonial style and the surroundings were beautiful and calm. 5 of us shared 3 Asian afternoon tea sets and we couldn’t finish them!

We then headed to the boat to cross the river to the Hotel Spa. Pinky had arranged for 90 aromatherapy massages for all of us. It was amazing. I was so relaxed afterwards.

We returned to base and got ready for the House party. Pinky had invited her friends over to share food and catch up. We had been at the spa and couldn’t be bothered cooking so we ordered in 10kg of freshly cooked fish and seafood. It cost about £100. It was delicious – it’s the best place to enjoy food! All of Pinky’s friends turned up with food and we chatted and ate all night long.

Great friends bring great bottles!


A bit of a later start for some in the group but we eventually headed out to the Jatujak Weekend market. It’s massive. They provide a map and you definitely need it. We were there for a few hours and saw hardly any of it. So many little rows of shops seeking everything from original art work to household goods and everything in between.


It was another really hot day so on the way back to base we stopped off at a small shopping village (with a huge food court) and grabbed a foot massage for an hour (£3.50).

quick shower and change at base and we were out again at the State building bar , where the film Hangover Part 2 was filmed. It had great views and the setting was idyllic but the price of drinks was extortionate. 5 of us shared a bottle of the cheapest Sauvignon Blanc on the menu at £143 a bottle!

We then headed off to the new Flamingo live music bar to join the hen party. The venue was really well decorated with Persian rugs in the walkways. The entertainment was really good and the musicians and singers were really talented. The bar snacks and drinks prices were comparable to London. The ladies were obviously joining a friends Hen party and were enjoying quite a few drinks so two of us left them to it just after midnight and headed back to base for some much needed sleep.


we gathered our possessions and purchases and headed to the airport with the driver for the flight back to Singapore. There were some very tired but happy individuals on that plane.

What a wonderful weekend.

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