The Jewel at Changi Airport

What is it?

It’s a new circular shopping mall and leisure complex at Terminal 1 at Changi Airport. It is also accessible via link bridges from other terminals.

How much is it?

It’s completely free to enter. Purchases are at your own expense. There are plenty of free activities.

So what’s so special about this new place?

It contains the world’s tallest indoor waterfall called a rain vortex. It’s 40m high and has a light and music show in the evenings. The immersion garden at the bottom of the waterfall has a contemplative pool surrounded by gardens.

There is the 4 storey forest valley with plants from all around the world. There are c.900 trees and palms and 60,000 shrubs. The north gateway garden has crystal clouds whilst the east gateway garden has vertical hanging fern columns and the west gateway garden has floral balls hanging from the ceiling. There are viewing decks around the forest valley. There are hikes and trails around the forest valley.

It has 24/7 facilities and entertainment and cabins for sleeping for a few hours. The top floor, which opens in June 2019, has a maze and walkways and net scrambling . The Changi experience studio is a virtual world of Changi airport from past to present.

As regards airport facilities there is early check in, baggage storage, the Changi lounge and currency exchange and a GST refund.

It’s worth a visit.

iPhone Images

Link bridge to Jewel

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