40acts: Act 35 I Spy

Act 35: I Spy by Abby King

By now you’ve probably caught on – a startling amount of living generously is simply noticing people. We often only realise people are lonely when they actually tell us. But there are plenty of lonely people who never say a word. Today, put those people-watching skills to good use.

Today’s verse

“When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, ‘Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.'”
(Luke 13:12 NIV)

Today’s Options


Watch for lonely people this week. At church, look for those at the sidelines. At work, look for those who eat lunch alone.


Make a point of connecting with someone you know, but have avoided spending time with because they’re a bit socially awkward.


Strike up a chat with someone you don’t know – at the bus stop or café maybe – who looks a little sad.

What did I do?

This was an interesting one. I wondered how many people would keep up a commitment of contacting someone of a different generation regularly.

I have quite a few older friends as I’ve kept in contact with the church I grew up in. I write every month or so or send a card with a short update on what we have been doing. People in their 70s-90s don’t tend to use email so snail mail it is.

I also WhatsApp and FaceTime an older retired friend who now lives on her own in a foreign country. Just to check she’s ok and everything is fine. We chat for about an hour when we FaceTime – usually about the dogs or her new passion of gardening.

These things take time and discipline in the midst of busy lives. It would make the world a much better place if everyone could connect to an older lonely person. S mall act does indeed make a big impact.


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