40acts: Act 33 – Big Deal

Act 33: Big Deal by Jane Clamp

You’ve seen the videos: fights over bargains in shopping centres, Black Friday riots, Christmas brawls over best-sellers. Deals don’t always bring out the best in humanity. So, flip that instinct. Today, buy every deal that you reasonably can, and then give it to whoever you can. Make your bargains work for someone else.

Today’s verse

“Taste and see that the Lord is good…”
(Psalm 34:8 NIV)

Today’s Options


See some food marked at 50% off? Buy two – one to give away. Not going out today? Put a reminder on your shopping list for next time.


Find a deal on your favourite food, drink, or clothes brand. Give it away to someone you think might love it.


Bulk-buy a necessity – toilet paper, cereal, underwear – and give it all away to a charity who can give it to those in need.

What did I do?

So we went to the Singapore Rugby 7s. Bizarrely a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) was better than separately buying 2 adults and 1 child tickets. So we bought the four. A spare youth ticket to give away.

A great plan I thought.

Except – we arrived before the crowds and there was no one to give it to. I asked a steward if I could leave it with them to give away but they told me to keep the ticket. We messaged friends and asked if they needed a spare or knew of anyone who did. All to no avail.

It just seemed like a huge waste in all honesty. At least I was willing and able albeit unsuccessful.


One thought on “40acts: Act 33 – Big Deal

  1. Such a shame. Least you were obedient. Perhaps you just met some people with hardened hearts who don’t see God’s graciousness when it’s at work. 😇💖. Nevertheless ✅ for trying

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