Act 32: Better Threads

Act 32: Better Threads by Paige Colthart

Picture this: you’re looking at a cheap-as-chips shirt, wondering what on earth happened to make it that cheap, and before you know it, you’ve gone and bought it. It happens to most of us. But today, we’re getting thoughtful about our threads. What’s the history behind our clothes? And what makes ethical clothing generous?

Today’s verse

“Be under obligation to no one – the only obligation you have is to love one another…”
(Romans 13:8 GNT)

Today’s Options


Make up a list of places you’re happy to shop for clothes, and places to avoid that aren’t ethically sound.


Do an inventory on your clothes. Sort through them and see how many are ethically dodgy. Take anything you don’t need to a charity shop.


When you need something new, buy ethically instead, and get a new habit started.

What did I do?

My twin has always said “if the price is cheap someone else is paying for it”. It’s so true and why I simply do not shop in certain stores. Having lived in India I have seen first hand some of the conditions that those in the garment and sewing trade work in. I’ve also seen how much things made in India cost when sold locally and therefore know how much designer brands add to that cost for pure profit when selling.

Prices have to be good for the worker, seller and buyer. Fair for everyone.

We already do the green option as a family so the yellow option doesn’t apply. We will continue with the red option.


One thought on “Act 32: Better Threads

  1. I do this already. I use mid price range and stick to shops I know.

    I never shop in Primark. It’s extremely cheap but clothes don’t last etc.

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