40acts: Act 24 Lost Signal

For one horrible moment when I read an opened Act 24: Lost signal I thought it might be to go without technology for a whole day. The fact that that filled me with instant dread says something about our reliance on technology. I used to manage perfectly fine as a teenager without gadgets but life was slower and not so information filled then.

Today’s act was written by Georgina Tennant. She said:

It can feel like nobody loses touch any more – old friends live on in your Facebook or your address book, without real conversation or connection. What if we moved differently in this world? What if we took the time to get in touch with long-lost friends or family and make them feel loved, or re-forge a real connection that’s been lost?

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” (Proverbs 16:24 NIV)

Today’s Options:


Scan through your inbox – the phone inbox and the (dreaded) email inbox. Who haven’t you replied to?


Got a friend you can feel yourself losing touch with? If it’s a friendship you’d rather keep – have the awkward chat, and schedule a get-together.


Draw up a list of contacts who might appreciate an out-of-the-blue catch up. Text or call one a day this week.

What did I do?

Eurgh. I sat all morning and cleared my inbox. I completed things I had been delaying for a while. It felt good but also a waste of time! It took all morning and all I could think was I could be studying or baking. Anyway, it’s done now and it will be easier to keep the unread messages to a minimum. Green complete. (This should have been the red option in my opinion because my sister would have had to spend a week clearing hers!).

I then WhatsApp a friend who I discovered I haven’t messaged for about 9 months. I was a bit horrified by that discovery. We’ve moved countries and had family medical emergencies and a death so there are valid excuses for not keeping in touch (and it does work both ways) but it still was awful. I’m hoping they haven’t been having an awful time. I’ll wait for a response. [Update: response received- yay!]. Yellow completed.

This one was actually the easiest. A friend and ex work colleague is in Singapore on their way to conference this week. I’ve messaged them and we’re having lunch before being a tour guide for the short time they are here. They brought a friend along who was on their own too and later on we caught up with even more friends of friends who were in Singapore for various conference s and meetings. What started as a small meeting turned into quite a gathering. New friends were made. What an unexpected outcome for quite an enjoyable (but long) day.


One thought on “40acts: Act 24 Lost Signal

  1. I had to laugh – a whole day tech free 🙂 Imagine it. I have done it, it felt strange at first but it was in fact incredibly liberating. I managed a whole day but when I re-engaged with my laptop I seemed to have loads of messages on facebook and loads of spam in my inbox 🙂 I do have an emergency “brick” which I do sometimes use when I am out and about and don’t want to carry a valuable smart-phone, and am thinking about swapping the sims over. Maybe that’s being a bit ambitious – 🙂

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