40acts: Act 22 – Open Invite

Today’s @40acts was given to us anonymously. I understand why too. They said:

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day of celebration but also a difficult reminder of grief for many. Think carefully and creatively about how they might best receive generosity. It could be inviting them to the party, or offering a more low-key and quiet recognition of how they’re feeling.

The writer went in to say how difficult Mother’s Day (in the UK tomorrow) could be for some people, for a variety of reasons. The loss of a beloved mother or suffering an abusive childhood (amongst a whole host of many other things) can invoke intense feelings whilst others celebrate.

Today’s verse was:

“Paul lived for two years in his rented house. He welcomed everyone who came to visit…His door was always open.”
(Acts 28:30–31 MSG)

This is something we try to do as a family wherever we are. Our door is always open and guests are always welcome.

Today’s Options were:


Give a card to cheer up someone who’s struggling today.


Have a catch up with a friend who isn’t able to spend time with family, or will find tomorrow a painful day.


Prep a Sunday lunch, and invite as many as you can!

What did I do?

We delivered cakes to our neighbours last night and invited them to the service on Good Friday. One neighbour in particular has been going through a challenging time over the last few months and was happy to chat. We’ve been praying for them for the duration of this difficult period. Hope is on the horizon thankfully and next week may bring the breakthrough required. They invited us over next week but we will be away on (a much needed) holiday.

I dropped a (handmade) card with a note through their letterbox this morning. I hope it is some further encouragement to them for the week ahead.

The green option complete.

Tomorrow we will be completing the yellow option. A friend is in Singapore away from their family on Mother’s Day (as indeed are we). We’ve invited them to join us at a birthday party. It will be a fun relaxing time for all of us.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend – know that you’re not alone. There are many people who feel like you do.


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