Act 17: Mission Accomplished

“All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” (Acts 2:44–45 NIV)


Do you know a Christian on mission? Maybe they’re in a far-flung country, or they’re close to home (and worked to the bone). Often, Christians who choose to live on mission take a real hit on their own personal comforts. Think of one you know, and give them the gift of your time, your skills, or your money. – Joel Leakey


Today’s Options


Video-call a missionary, or text your youth worker, with no motive beyond encouraging and cheering them on.


Give a one-off or monthly gift to a missionary, youth worker, or church intern.


Give your services to a missionary. For example, can you help them build a website?

What did I do?

Green and yellow for me today.

My last year in India was spent at Bible College studying Theology. Many of the young men and women graduated and went off into the ‘mission field’ without any obvious means of support or income. Their faith was truly awe inspiring. They were prepared for hardships and fasting out of necessity as well as spiritually.

There are two individuals who I helped and am helping. I will tell you a little more without disclosing their names.

Person 1

This young woman was determined to continue her studies to obtain a BA in Theology. Her parents were pushing for her marriage so they could rid themselves of her as a financial burden. As a consequence her parents refused to support her studies any further and was required to return home. She had already been given a place at college but needed the funds for the fees etc.

I posted on Facebook a little of her story and asked for donations to help her complete her studies. In very short order my wonderful brilliant friends (many of whom are not Christians) stepped up and donated the cash for her fees. We donated a chunk of cash too (which was a significant dent in our finances at the time) and provided her with the laptop she needed. It was truly sacrificial giving by a small group of people.

You can imagine the delight when I told her the news and she could go to college. Her parents remained adamant that she should marry but she was able to successfully counter this argument by saying she had been provided with funding so had to complete her studies. She started at college and is continuing her studies. This small group of people have literally transformed a life. It is difficult to underestimate the impact this has had on her.

Person 2

This young man graduated from college determined to set up a church in the Hindu area of Tamil Nadu. He had planned and designed things prior to leaving college. He had a calling from God and was determined to follow it – despite having no funds or home.

He started a church in an acquaintance’s empty shell of a building, lining the mud floor with mats and plastic sheeting. He started preaching and people started attending. He still had no income or home and was living off INR 200 (£2.20) a week for food. I contacted him via WhatsApp to see how he was getting on after we moved to Singapore and he updated me on his situation.

I immediately sent cash (not as easy as it sounds – it took days to arrange and complete) and prayed for his ministry. Now I send money when and as often as I can. I know he relies on my tiny support to pay his (very cheap) rent and bills. It really isn’t very much at all but I know it helps and dress him up to concentrate on the wonderful work he is doing. The church is expanding and he is being invited to speak to groups of pastors in other cities. God really is using him to expand His kingdom.

We exchange messages daily via WhatsApp and pray for him daily too. WhatsApp is a great way to know immediately of specific prayer requests.

This person has sacrificed any comfortable living or career to pursue what God has called him to do. It’s both sobering and inspiring. God does provide. Jehovah Jireh.

What can you do?

Do not underestimate how far a very little can go. £5 is equal to a daily wage in southern India and it can go a long way. Making a small one off donation can transform people’s lives. Think about what you can do to help and then do it.