Act 12: Prayer Circle

Today we were challenged to pray for our neighbours.

An invite to be generous hides behind every door in your neighbourhood. The first step is to go and find it. Today, we’re prayer walking around our community, choosing to focus on those nearest us. Walk, think about who’s behind each door, and pray. Lay some groundwork for extraordinary moments of kindness. – Shira Gamey

“The word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood. We saw the glory with our eyes…” John 1:14 MSG

what were today’s options?


Prayer walk. If you’ve not done this before, it’s as simple as just walking, slowly, around your neighbourhood, noticing what’s around you, and praying: for peace, for problems in the community, for community relationships. If you’re feeling bold, pop a card through a neighbour’s door to let them know you’re praying for them.


Print out one of our lamppost signs, asking what people in your neighbourhood need prayer for, and stick it up locally. Check back to see what people have taken and use it to guide your prayers over the next few weeks.


After you prayer walk, draw up a ‘generosity map’ of ideas: a map of your neighbourhood, with notes pinned on specifying where and how you can be generous.

What did I do?

I suspect like most people I don’t know my neighbours very well. There’s a language barrier for a start. That didn’t deter me just before Christmas though and I invited all my immediate neighbours for coffee and cakes one evening. I was delighted when about 15 of them turned up. So I know a few neighbours who now stop and say hello and have a quick chat. It’s helping me settle in to our new home and country.

I spend quite a bit of time studying and writing blog posts. So I try to get up and out of the house and walk around the block once every hour to stretch my legs and not get a numb bum from sitting so long. So when I saw today’s challenge I knew immediately what I would do. Every time I take one of those strolls I would pray for my neighbours and the neighbourhood in which I live. We are blessed with constant sunshine here in Singapore so no excuses with cold, wind and rain which the folks back in the U.K. have. The only issue we have is that it does get too hot sometimes – it’s usually around 30C in the shade but today was 34C and with the humidity it felt like 36C in the shade. Walking in full sun around the block is hot but I’ve done it and will continue to pray when I walk around the block in future. It’s a simple idea with a big impact. I really like it.

So the green option is complete and the more I do it I may be able to complete the red option too. (The yellow option is not available here as that is illegal I think.) More importantly, praying for my neighbours will be come a daily habit.