Act 6: Chocolate (Tuesday) Wednesday!

Gah! How could I forget about Chocolate Tuesday?! It’s famous. Lots of love spread through chocolate delivery.

What happened?

We (me and my husband) were out sightseeing in Singapore. The other half had taken a day off work to spend time together whilst our (12yo) daughter was on a school trip to Borneo. (Yes I know – Borneo! Makes my cold damp day trips to the Lake District look quite pathetic). Anyway we were out and just had a delicious lunch at a Turkish / Lebanese restaurant when the email arrived at 2.01pm. I picked up my phone and gasped and declared “Its chocolate Tuesday!”. My bemused husband just looked at me and waited for an explanation. We had plans and chocolate Tuesday was going to be impossible. “Chocolate Wednesday it is!” declared my helpful other half.

Chocolate Wednesday

It doesn’t take a genius to ascertain that Singapore is hot and chocolate melts very quickly when hot (especially when it’s 30C at 7am hot). Planning was essential. Ninja like delivery tactics would have to be employed. I had a plan.

I hopped on the local bus to the nearest shopping mall at 7:30am. The mall doesn’t open until 10:30am but the supermarket there is open 24 hours. (It was a bit eerie to be honest, walking through a closed empty shopping mall feels like you’re in the middle of an apocalypse film.) I did a trolley dash of the chocolate aisle and grabbed a lot of chocolate., dashed to the checkout, paid and packed the chocolate in a cool bag.


Whilst I was on the bus on the way home I was messaging a friend from church to see what time the church Office was open (8:30am). Ok I can do this before chocolate turns into mush (even in a cool bag). At 9am I call a cab and at 9:10am I’m on my way to church. 9:20am I’m delivering chocolate to a bemused office team who are thankful for chocolate. I hastily bid my retreat whilst rapidly trying to explain about @40acts and why they’re receiving chocolate.

Mission accomplished! Chocolate delivered and not melted – hurrah!

I just have a few hours before the next email arrives to find out what today’s task is. I’m so excited – like a child waiting for Christmas – it’s silly!