Acts 4 and 5: Stash the Cash and Bless your Boss

Act 4 Stash the Cash

Act 4 on Saturday was all about saving or “stashing the cash” in order to be generous in future when the opportunity arose. This was planning for future generosity. The three suggestions were:

Green: Make a pot of money – a giving account, or a literal pot of cash – for you to use only on generosity. 

Yellow: Decide to give a weekly chunk of cash into that pot. Even if it’s only a couple of pennies.

Red: Decide to give an amount of money into that pot. Get specific: redirect money you would spend on every Tuesday’s coffee, for example.

Now I’m assuming most Christians like me already tithe and give to charity so this is on top of that ie additional giving. This is where it gets tough. Most people live to a budget and every little helps with the bills.

I have a savings account and the bank transfers the ‘change’ from my payments into the account – rounding up to the nearest £. I don’t miss it as it’s always a few pence at a time. I’ve just checked the account and there’s £27.59 in it. Now I know that’s not a lot but it’s money I haven’t missed and money I can now donate in addition to all my other regular giving. What a joy to be able to do that and not feel under pressure financially. I’ve donated it to a church plant in India. This small amount of money will pay one months rent, making a big impact.

Act 5 Bless your Boss

Act 5 today (Sunday’s are a rest day) was to appreciate, thank and bless your boss or pastor. I decided to bless our Pastor. Today’s options were:

Green: Thank the boss. Take a moment to start the work day letting them know they’re appreciated by those around them (specifically you).

Yellow: Leave them a nice note – and maybe talk to one of their friends to see what kind of gift card you could slip in there too…

Red: Take them out for a meal, bake them a cake, or give them a voucher for a meal.

I took the Green option today and sent a WhatsApp message to her to thank her for all she does in our very large church. It’s a huge job and she’s a real blessing to us all. There are plenty of days ahead to say thank you in other ways too.

Looking forward to act 6 tomorrow.