A weekend away in Phuket

Where did we go?

Kamal Beach, Kamala in the Kathu district of the west coast of Phuket in Thailand. It is north of the lights and noise of Patong and is an idyllic quiet stretch of beach. Ideal for relaxing.

Where did we stay?

Novotel Kamala beach located at one end of the beach. Our room had a fantastic sea view and was well equipped with amenities. The rooms are located in a separate block to the beach restaurant and roof top bar and restaurant. The pool is in the front of the hotel with a pool bar. There was a gym that I walked through to get to the Spa. (I can highly recommend a pedicure!) The staff are friendly and helpful. Bed and breakfast was about £100 a night ( we paid in Singapore dollars).

How did we get there?

We were travelling as family groups (for several coinciding birthday and anniversary celebrations) and two mini buses ferried us from the airport to the hotel.

When was this?

We travelled Saturday 8th September (morning) and returned Monday 10th September (evening).

What did we do?

Relax. We did not move out of the hotel, beach and pool for the three days, except to walk 100 yards along the beach to go to lunch at Cafe Del Mar after we arrived.

We swam, paddled in the crashing waves, ate a lot and enjoyed the parties. I did take out a couple of hours to go to the Spa one day. We relaxed and chatted and enjoyed a few celebratory parties. It was a such a wonderful relaxing break. Watching the sun go down from the roof top bar was truly stunning scenery and a sunrise walk on the beach was a real treat.

It rained a couple of times for a short period but the sun soon returned and the temperature drop was welcome relief.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend away in a relaxing resort.

Environmental impact note: everyday plastic bottles, crates, pieces of plastic and rubbish were washed up onto the beach. I’ve heard about it and seen it on TV but this was the first time I’ve experienced it. It is truly shocking to see barnacles growing on a washed up beer bottle. The hotel sends a gardener every morning to clear the rubbish dumped on the beach by the sea. It’s so sad to witness this environmental devastation.

Tiny pieces of plastic remain even after the beach clear up