Surprising statistics

Yesterday the stats on this blog went crazy. I was receiving automated messages advising me that the blog was receiving a lot of traffic. I had no idea why (until later in the day). When I looked at which blog post in particular was receiving attention , it was the one about visiting VFC for the first time – “New friends we haven’t met yet”. How had this blogpost suddenly come to the attention of people?

Social media. It’s a whirlwind. One Facebook post (which is locked down to friends) advising of a new blogpost was a pebble that sent a ripple through to the church and (I assume) it’s members logging in and checking out my blog to see what I had said about them. It’s always a blessing to receive encouragement and I hope everyone was encouraged by my open and honest blog about the fabulous greeting I received on my first visit to church. It really was a room full of friends we hadn’t met yet. We now know some of those friends and they really are as wonderful as anticipated.

For those of you who are visiting this blog for the first time – enjoy! It’s a personal take on living as an expat in #SensationalSingapore. (A hashtag I’ll be using a lot whilst here I think!). Whilst you’re here, do check out my other blog: where I publish poems and songs to glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope it’s a blessing to you.