VFC Big Day Out

What is it?

Victory Family Centre church in Singapore meet across several locations (as the church is so big), split into 12 regions. As a consequence this family fun day out was arranged by the church to gather the whole of VFC locations and regions together for some fun and food. The cost was S$2 (£1) per person and transport was provided (shuttle buses) from and to each location / region.

When was it?

Saturday 18th August from 2-6pm

Where was it?

Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park, in the area around car park B. (It’s a big park!).

What was happening?

There was a lot available for everyone to do and frankly impossible to do it all in the time available! What a lovely dilemma to have.

The arcade had retro arcade games available and Zahra proved to be quite the expert at Gallagher. There were basket ball machines, air hockey, a boxing punch-ball machine and other driving etc type games.

There was a ‘flea’ market with crafts and accessories to buy as well as face painting and manicures and a second hand book stall, jewellery, plants etc.

There was food and drinks available and we tried some Chinese traditional dessert which was a sticky dough type substance covered in honey roasted chopped peanuts. Only a very small amount was needed as it was very filing. It didn’t look appetising either but it tasted lovely. the free ice cream truck proved popular too in the heat.

Zahra joined a team of young lads in the nerf gun arena for a battle. not much of a battle in the heat but they had fun shooting the nerf foam things at each other. there was also laser tag, board games and a treasure hunt – all of which we didn’t have time to do as Zahra was led to the fish catching by a friend. I naively and rather Britishly thought kids would be catching plastic fish to win a prize. oh no. here the prize is the fish. There were two large paddling pools filled with small fish and the kids were given small plastic tanks to take them home. Each chid was limited to a maximum of five fish. We acquired pets we weren’t anticipating. (Zahra was delighted as she had asked to keep fish and we had requested a tidy bedroom first.) We headed off to the mall after the day out to acquire a fish tank, pump, food etc.

There were three or four large bouncy castle and play areas; none of which we went on as we were doing other things. there were organised games and activities too, including parent and child races, easting competitions and gameshows. there was live music at regular intervals. It was impossible to be bored.

Rez and I  were relieved when 6pm came and it was time to go home. We were happily exhausted and had sore feet! It was so lovely to spend a whole afternoon with a park full of Christians who cared for each other. It was also lovely to have a fun filled afternoon that didn’t cost the earth as well – it’s not often that you benefit from a full afternoon of activities and food that doesn’t break the bank. it was a truly wonderful day and a great idea for the church to provide this for its congregation. A wonderful day out for all the family.