Singapore Garden Festival 2018

The Singapore Garden Festival 2018 runs from 21st July to 3 August 2018 at Gardens by the Bay and is called ‘A Journey into Colour’.

We bought tickets for the festival and both domes at the discounted residents rate and a further 10% discount for using a Passion card. It made it a reasonably cheap day out. We were there for about 6 hours and walked a total of 10km. There was so much to see. So this blog post isn’t huge I’ve separated the photos into sections and separate blog posts and made them thumbnail size.

In this blogpost there are pictures from ‘The Meadow’ and ‘Supertree Grove’ sections of the festival. The Meadow included:

  • Best of Show designer gardens
  • Floral windows to the world
  • Balcony gardens
  • Floral instillation- cascade
  • Landscape design challenge
  • Floral designing competition
  • Floral harmony
  • ASEAN garden
  • Flower field
  • Pond garden
  • Orchid Fairyland
  • Pitcher Bog garden
  • Gothic Gate
  • The mountains
  • Vanda Valley
  • The Supertree Grove included:
    • Horticultural and community gardening
      Gardener’s cup
      Singapore gardening society
      Secret garden of edibles
      Learning garden
      Therapeutic garden
      Lost forest
      Floral canopy
      Colonnade arches
      Stone exhibition

    I highly recommend a visit. It’s a great day out.