Snaps of Singapore

Obviously we are still feeling like tourists at the moment in Singapore. We are enjoying the freedom of movement in a safe and secure city without the necessity of a G4S driver taking us everywhere. The freedom to be able to walk and use the MRT and bus is a novelty that may take some time to wear off after three years of a stifling security driver.

Here are some images from our first few days in Singapore.

The Marina Bay sands hotel.

Fun artwork in Raffles Square. I really liked this.

There are lots of very expensive cars here in Singapore. This would have been destroyed on Bangalore roads.

There are vending machines for everything, everywhere. An indication of the constant power supply and lack of power cuts and also the honesty of the citizens here (no smash and grab here).

We genuinely couldn’t work out what these were.

Lots of pigeons nonplussed by our presence.

Dairy free ice cream! This may be my undoing. I’ve not had ice cream for years.

The bus stop for the Ministry of Manpower to pick up our visas / passes.

Beautifully painted and maintained buildings

I live this campaign. The rest of the world could learn a lot from this.

A DNA sculpture

Preserving history

The riverside.

Yes! Obviously.

We couldn’t get fresh orange juice for our first two years in Bangalore. Then it appeared infrequently, was difficult to get hold of and expensive. Here there are fresh juice vending machines everywhere and only cost $2 (£1).

Restored historic building. Singapore maintains and restores its old and historic buildings. Something that was very sadly lacking in Bangalore.

More sights and sounds of #SensationalSingapore yet to come!