Venturing out

Monday 2nd July

Today was a day of finding our feet, our location and navigating around the MRT. We decided to head over to Orchard Road to a specific store recommended to us. The challenge was for our daughter to find the quickest route and once there find the store.

We headed out to the nearest MRT station from the serviced apartment which was a pleasant 15 minute walk past a park. At the MRT station there was a shopping mall with its own food court as well as local shops and local vendors selling street food. (It was more shops in one place than we found in the nearest shopping mall in Bangalore which was a 20 minute drive away.)

We headed on down to the MRT and jumped on the right train in the right direction, made all the changes necessary and got to Orchard Road in no time at all. The train was clean, bright, and not stuffy. Passengers got on and off in an orderly fashion. No pushing or shoving or queue jumping.

We exit the MRT straight into a shopping mall and are immediately disoriented. We don’t know which shopping mall or where the exit is. We head up the escalators to get our bearings. It’s a huge shopping mall and we have to ask for directions from the concierge. (Yes – a concierge in a shopping mall.) we found the store we were looking for, Daiso, and Zahra had a great time spending her Singapore Dollars.

We wandered up and down and along the mall and finally found an exit. (Past the queue to enter the Louis Vuitton store.) We discovered we had walked through two malls and exited basically into a third. We found a Toys R Us and a Marks and Spencer in the third mall. The M&S had a small food hall and we bought some comfort food from home – elderflower soda, fruit sherberts and Colin Caterpillars.

We retraced our steps and managed to return to the serviced apartment in no time at all, via the station shopping mall to check out the shops and restaurants there. It was a good day out, we didn’t get lost and we walked over 8km.