Sensational Singapore

Sunday 1st July

I have woken in a lovely pristine serviced apartment with crisp white bed sheets and duvet. A deep white bath tub awaits for my long soak after a tumultuous journey here. Classical music plays gently from the radio and I relax for the first time in months.

It’s clean here. Really clean. We’ve walked around this apartment barefoot and our feet aren’t black. It’s quiet. We can’t hear neighbours. There is no shouting outside as people ‘talk’ to each other. There’s no traffic noise, at all. No honking of horns, no revving of engines, no knobheads screeching motorbikes in the early hours. It’s quiet.

Last night we arrived to a sweet smelling clean airport with a lovely pleasant and polite immigration officer who efficiently checked our documents, took our fingerprints and waved us through with a smile. (A huge contrast to the grumpy, rude officials in Bangalore who ‘use’ their power just because they can.) Our bags were already on the carousel when we came through. We were met by a driver with a sign who helpfully pointed out the amenities, where to buy a sim card, the ATM before escorting us to the luxury mini bus, parked in a marked bay (never happens in Bangalore airport!), loaded our bags and we were on our way. It was a fast and efficient arrival. What a contrast.

The check in at the apartment was efficient and we were shown to our beautiful apartment where a thoughtful welcome pack of goodies awaited us. (My gosh, what a huge difference to the mould and cockroach infested, filthy hovel we arrived to in Bangalore in 2015.) We put the kettle on, using tap water for the first time in 3 years. What a luxury. Unpacked, sat down and relaxed. Things will definitely be better in #SensationalSingapore. I’m looking forward to exploring.