New blog – The Singapore Serials

In this blog I hope to chart our progress, exploration and impressions of Singapore from the viewpoint of a second time expat; from the UK to Bangalore then to Singapore.

In our family there is me, Deborah, a retired Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Rez, a chartered engineer designing jet engines, and our daughter Zahra who is at high school. We are all from the UK.

Join me on my journey of discovery as we, as a family, step into a whole new world of adventures and experiences as we adapt to a new life in Singapore.


How did we get here?

March 2018

Discussion has begun about renewing contracts or leaving India for another country (both Japan and Singapore have been mentioned so far). Rez is keen to move on, Zahra’s ambivalent and I’m ready to go elsewhere too. This leads to being reflective about our stay in Incredible India. It is indeed incredible, incredulous at times and frustrating at others.


April 2018

Rez has been advised by the Global Head of his division that he wants Rez in Singapore to head up a new thing out there and everyone is working towards establishing that ASAP. He wants Rez out there ASAP but realises that it will take some time. July is being mentioned as a target date . We cannot say anything to anyone as Rez hasn’t even been advised of the role, terms etc., never mind even seeing a contract.


May 2018

We’ve given notice at school and to the landlord and told friends and neighbours. Still not seen a thing in writing.

23rd May – contract received and signed. We post an update on Facebook to alert friends. It later becomes clear that not many people saw it.


June 2018

5th -10th June we head to Singapore for our pre assignment trip to find a home, school and hopefully church. I post on Facebook when we’re heading off and it appears to come as a surprise to people that we are moving to Singapore.

More about the pre assignment trip in the next blog post. Keep watching!